The Bells- A Novel that Plays Like a Song

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I went back a few years to dig out this one because it is a beautiful novel that not many people seem to know about. Richard Harvell crafts a powerful tale with a highly original premise. Moses is the son of a deaf-mute bell ringer. As a child, he is believed to be deaf as well, but this could not be further from the truth. He has a gifted ear and the voice of an angel.

Both these gifts have come with a price, however. He is able to find safety for a while in a Monastery, but it is in a man of God that he finds the greatest danger. The preservation of his angelic voice comes at a high cost indeed.

The most remarkable thing about this novel is the way the author is able to achieve a haunting effect that is not unlike listening to a powerful piece of music. It reads like a song. A love song.


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