The Case for Psychic Distance

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Read Jennifer Hanno’s story “The Case for Psychic Distance” in the December issue of Ploughshares,  award winning literary journal produced at Emerson College. Find out more about Ploughshares, including how to subscribe or order individual issues @
“The Case for Psychic Distance” has been nominated by Ploughshares for the Pushcart Prize. Of the Pushcart Prize Anthology, Sherod Santos remarked that “When the future wants to know about our arts and letters, this is the publication it will turn to.” Read more about the Pushcart Press and its contributions to the world of literature here:
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  • Sharon

    I just read your winning article in Ploughshares. I need to tell you my first thought was – WOW, it is assume. Thank you for writing and sharing your work. I look forward to reading more of your work. -Sharon

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