A Clean Slate

 In Seriously?


It was a year that highlighted how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go. It was a year of good cops and bad cops and gunshots fired too much and too often. It was a year of technical failure; we thought we’d conquered the air and yet the wreckage sinks into the depths of the ocean. It was a year of faith, but the sharp edge of that faith beheaded young men and stole young girls from their schools and hid them away in the name of God…

But, despite our failures, there were miracles. Check out some of these:

  • According the Goodnews Network, “In August a commuter whose leg had disappeared into the space between a train and the platform was freed by his fellow passengers in Perth, Australia. Surveillance video shows dozens of passengers as they gathered around andtip the train enough to release his trapped limb.”


  • And another from that same source: “Raudhatul Jannah was just 4 years old when the catastrophic tsunami roared into the Indonesian town of Aceh and swept her away. In August, the girl, who was by then 14, wasreunited with her family after being raised by a fisherman’s elderly mother and spotted in a crowd by her uncle. In the days following media reports of the reunion, a woman recognized the resemblance to a homeless boy, which turned out to be their son Arif, who also rejoined his family after he was washed out to sea at age seven with his sister.”


  • Though Ebola threatened our lives, dramatic discoveries have improved the chances of those with diabetes, AIDs, Tuberculosis and other devastating diseases.


  • Bill Gates reports “This year, for at least the 42ndyear in a row, the child mortality rate has fallen. And it’s not just moving in the right direction—it’s falling faster than anyone expected. The Economist ran a great article about this in September, where it estimated that just since 2001, the world has saved 13.6 million children’s lives. It’s hard to think of a better sign the world is improving.” (http://www.gatesnotes.com/About-Bill-Gates/Year-in-Review-2014)



It’s easy to remember the tragedies, but equally important to remember our moments of quiet integrity, generosity and heroism. We smile at these stories, but then forget them quickly as they are overpowered by tomorrow’s tragic headline.

To err is human, they say, and we do err. But amidst our mistakes, there are moments of greatness, moments of humanity that deserve as big a headline as their unfortunate counterparts. 2014 had its hopeless moments, but there were also moments that showed the power of the human spirit. Let’s remember that.

After all, I cleaned my oven yesterday. If you don’t think that is miraculous, you don’t know me.

And on to 2015 where more mistakes will be made and more heroes will be born. After all, isn’t it good to know that tomorrow looms before us, with no mistakes in it?

Yet 😉


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