Heads in Beds

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“My degree was garbage stuffed inside a trash can of student loans,”  writes Jacob Tomsky. But his student debt may have been a blessing in disguise for it drove him into the hospitality industry where he gathered the material for his hilarious memoir, Heads in Beds.

This is nonfiction at its finest, a humorous look from behind the front desk and a telling rendition about what makes us human. Tomsky’s book had me laughing out loud  even as it revealed our darker side. He spares no sacred cows in his tales about what goes on in the Hotel industry. Witty and irreverent, Tomsky frequently jests that his Philosophy degree did him little good in the work world. I’d have to disagree; his philosophical bent is revealed in his insight into working class America. As irreverent as his wit may be, Tomsky never fails to give respect to the people whose job it is to make luxury seem like your inalienable right.

Not just a funny read, this is a telling statement about our culture where hospitality means more than you know.

Don’t wait. Read it today.

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