The Power of the Cape

 In Seriously?


Once there was a woman who loved clothes. She lived in a small town known largely for cheese and an unfortunate climate. Because the temperature was so unpleasant, the woman who loved clothes accumulated an impressive collection of outerwear, reasoning that people rarely saw her without a layer or two and if no one could see the fashionable outfit she was wearing, she should have a fashionable coat. Or two. Or more, depending on the post season sale selection.

One chilly April (yes, April), the woman who loved clothes made an unconventional purchase. Perhaps she was inspired by Olivia Pope (a fashion paragon to be sure), or maybe because she had always felt a little like a super hero, or maybe because she had been watching Game of Thrones a lot….the reason is not important, but the woman bought herself …

A cape.

Yes, a cape. They are very in this season so don’t judge. Because that is exactly what happened to the woman in her very own home. Perhaps now would be the time to explain that the woman who loved clothes had a daughter who was very conservative and probably a changeling because she was not a fashion risk-taker like her mama. The daughter owns an impressive collection of button down shirts and considers her sparkly sperries to be a little over the top. So there’s that.

Her older sister was also present, but a little more able to control her facial features. The younger daughter’s face questioned…why?

Why a cape? I believe a better question would be why NOT a cape? Daenerys Targaryen was rocking one on Game of Thrones last night- an elegant white cape which flowed from her awesome shoulders. Now, mine was just a khaki trench cape from Ann Taylor, but it did exude power and style.

Now, for all you virgin cape wearers out there, it may be necessary for me to relay some drawbacks of the cape. For starters, trying to high five someone while wearing a cape is difficult at best. Also, seat belts are an issue. There’s more, but I don’t want to be negative; after all, this is a tribute to the cape. Because, really, what are a few physical restrictions when you consider the power of a cape? The cape allows you to conceal a good liter of soda in a theatre, for one. And I am fairly sure there is a reason why superheroes are often sporting them.

All I am going to say is that in the days immediately prior to the cape, I was three days into a battle with Sirius radio. I had paid for my subscription, but was unable to access the signal from my car. I’d called the help number three times to no avail. But then I put on the cape. And voila! Satellite radio fixed.

Coincidence? I think not.

In that moment, I WAS a super hero.

So, to all you cape haters out there, you Lands End loving fleece types, the power of the cape is not to be scoffed at. If it is good enough for Olivia Pope and Daenerys Targaryen, well it’s good enough for me. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…

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