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A sad pile of intellectual reading is growing exponentially on my coffee table: The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic. I’m several weeks behind and it’s no wonder. If you are like me, the Christmas season is kicking your butt and the last thing you have time to think about is leisure reading.

Enter an option. Hats off to creative heads like those of  Sam Griswold and Chris Laursen. These two are the creative geniuses behind an idea whose time has come. Highbrowse ( is a web site that provides readers with biweekly updates on some of the best pieces published free on the web. They scour the web for the newest interesting reading available for free on the web, taking into consideration fiction, poetry and nonfiction. As an added bonus, the site provides an estimated reading time for each piece.

This is truly a great idea for those who commute and has tapped into an audience who now has an option for some way to use that commute time for more than reading graffiti. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Even if you only have 2 minutes, they’ve got an option for you. In an interview with the Iowa Review, creator Sam Griswold reveals that he didn’t initially envision mobile users, but does agree that this is a great resource for them. In our busy world, this is a godsend for many who don’t have time to scour the web.

Griswold and Laursen do the scouring for us. They spend hours looking for reading material they find engaging and provide us with the links directly to them. And, as an added bonus, they were kind enough to include my story, “The Case for Psychic Distance,” in their latest issue.

So, you see? There’s always time to read. You can subscribe to them and get email updates that will alert you to their postings. I hope you check them out. The fruits of their labors are online here:


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