One Perfect Pant. Countless Looks. 

We all love a versatile piece of clothing! First, start with a pant that is both professional and comfortable.

Casual and Comfortable

Grab a graphic tee and pair it with a comfortable denim jacket. Add slip on sneakers to complete the look!
The perfect work pant
Graphic tee options
Classic denim jacket

Business Casual

Dress your look up with a blazer and a pop of color. 
blazer in classic black
flawless tee
slip on sneaker


Try a chic white blouse tied at the waist to add style and class. 
perfect white shirt
pull on pant
layering tank

Lights! Camera! Action!

Looking Your Best On Google Meet

This week, online meetings (both with students and with colleagues) exploded in upstate New York. Like many, I had been experimenting with different formats but the recent announcement from Governor Cuomo that the lockdown would continue until the end of April seemed like a turning point. Immediately, administrators scheduled meetings and encouraged online professional development.

I had been spending most of the morning in my pajamas (to be honest, I’m most productive in my pjs). But the onslaught of virtual reality has forced me to get dressed and brush my hair before nine. Nevertheless, I didn’t like what I saw when I glimpsed my image; the camera is not always kind.

Projecting a flattering and professional appearance in your virtual meetings is important and a few quick tweaks to you and your surroundings can accomplish that.

First of all, consider lighting. Natural light is best, but you don’t want to be shooting into the light, so the ideal situation is one in which your light source is in front of you. I have a lot of windows in my house, so finding the spot that is both quiet and offers good lighting can be hard. This little item from Amazon helps if you are struggling low light: Selfie Ring Light

Once you’ve got the lighting figured out, the camera angle is the next thing you should pay attention to. Any woman who has posted anything to social media understands that if the camera is shooting up at you, you will be unpleasantly surprised at the chins you didn’t know you had. The best angle is straight ahead or slightly higher than eye level. Than means you need to raise your laptop. Grab some books or a  box and raise the laptop up so that the camera is across from you. This change alone will make a tremendous difference. You can use books as I do or invest in a stand: laptop stand

Next, spend some time on yourself. You don’t have to primp like you’re getting ready for prom, but a little foundation goes a long way. Especially if you are in your fifties, as I am! Keep the makeup light, but pay attention to the area under your eyes and to your eyebrows; neglecting these two areas can really age you. For dark circles, I rely on Maybelline Effaceur to even out the skin under my eyes. To define my brows, I use Maybelline's Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade. Widen your eyes with L'Oreal's Bambi Eye Mascara. Finally, I need a little lip color to look like I am...alive. My favorite option these days is Maybelline's Super Stay lip color in Always Heather.

Finally, while you are on a call or conference, it can be tempting to look at your own image. It’s easy to find yourself distracted by the piece of hair that won’t play by the team rules…but others can definitely tell when you are looking at yourself which is why I suggest you check out what you look like before the meeting and then hide your image from yourself. When you are speaking, look into the camera. Although it may feel awkward, it will look natural to the others at the meeting. Many people (I am guilty of this myself), will let their eyes wander to their phone. Don’t forget, people can still see you and it’s always best to stay professional.


Bringing Back the Poncho

Add some style with a beautiful assymetrical poncho.
Back to Bali Poncho

Elegant in Black

Dress it up with an elegant cut-out neck blouse in classic black. 
Mesh Sleeve Top

Trendy Booties

Some trendy booties will keep you stylish in the North Country April days. 
Sassy Booties

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