Staying Home, Staying Sane

Be a Good Human

Pair a graphic tee with a striped cardigan

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Chic Comfort

A slouchy gold cardigan tops a graphic tee.

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Chic Flats

Don't forget some fun flats to add interest.

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Game Night

Put Down the Remote and Connect With One Another

So, it’s looking more and more like we are in it for a longer haul than most of us anticipated. On the positive side, I feel like it was a good week teaching online. I had a great turnout for my Zoom session and good engagement on Google Classroom. On the down side….I’m in danger of running out of Netflix.


And in these days of isolation, we need all the human companionship we can get. There is nothing better to beat cabin fever than a good old fashioned game night if you are holed up with another human or two.  So this week’s post will feature a look at the best board games to get us through the next few weeks.


Throw Throw Burrito:  My number one choice. I bought it for Christmas and it was a huge hit; it’s a perfect combination of burrito and dodgeball. I know what you’re thinking, but it works. It never fails to bring laughter and joy because…if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a burrito.


Code Names:  Team play at its best. This game is simple but allows for great creativity. Players must create code words to get their teamates to guess the correct card.


Pandemic:  Ok, I agree it seems like it’s a poor choice since we are currently IN a pandemic. But, this game encourages cooperation instead of competition. Players work together to save humankind from disease. Just the message we need.


Villainous:  On the other hand, the world is full of people wanting to be the good guy. This game lets you be a villain, complete with sinister goals. And really…isn’t there a part of us that wants to play the bad guy once in a while?


Ticket To Ride:  First of all, the board is a beautiful display. Second, it’s easy to learn. The goal is to ultimately create railway routes across the United States. Along the way, players get a valuable geography lesson. It’s a game of capitalism, in the traditional American sense, but it’s fun. It is also available in a younger version as well as...wait for Alexa version. You can play with Alexa if you are short a human or two and -the best part- she provides sound effects. 


Banana Grams:  If you love scrabble and crosswords, this game is a fast-paced race to create as many words as you can. Easy and very fun!

The Right Message

So many teachers are volunteering time to help get food to families in need. This outfit sends just the right message!

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Great Spring Bag

Heading out to get supplies? This bag is perfect for short errands. It will even hold a few groceries! (Don't forget your mask!)

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Online Meeting?

Meeting with students online? Try this pretty tank, topped with a golden cardigan for a look that is professional and fun.

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