Baby, It’s Cold Out There

Every school year is a new start when everything is promising and new. 

But there are two words every teacher dreads:  Bus Duty.  

There are many things that are rewarding about being a teacher, but Bus Duty is not one of them.  Bus duty is, in fact, one of those things they don’t talk about in college when they are preparing you to be a teacher.  No-one warns you that your cute tieks are going to be covered in salt and slush before December and that you will start period one with fingers so cold you can’t hit the keyboard. But alas, into each teacher’s life, some bus duty must fall. 

And bus duty can be even more unpleasant when you are in a northern climate. There is one thing that can make it better, though: a great coat or jacket.  I am a firm believer that, if you live north of Syracuse, you deserve a selection of chic coats and jackets. After all, this is what most people will see you in for a solid 5 months of the year. The best thing to do is embrace it with a solid selection of classy and cozy outerwear. 

And after Christmas is a perfect time to find great buys on stylish winter coats and jackets. This first post will be dedicated to showcasing a great selection of coats that will make standing in bus fumes in sub zero temperatures worth it. Sort of. 

Every teacher needs a parka in a rich color like this warm one from Maurices.

For an elegant look that is classy and warm, check out this beautiful coat by Michael Kors. Available at Macy’s in a range of classic, rich colors.

Remember the days when a down coat made you look like a marshmellow? God bless the minds that created lightweight packable jackets like this one by Calvin Klein. Available in a range of great colors here:

This coat is one of the best ones I have ever owned. I bought it last year at Loft and they brought it back again this season. I love the classy neutral gray flecks and the longer length that covers long cardigan sweaters. You wont’ regret it!

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