From Student to Student Teacher

Finding Your Style

How do you transition from sweatshirts to professional? Invest in pretty floral blouses and cardigan sweaters to project a professional image that is friendly and classic. Find a great selection of blouses online at Maurices

The Perfect Blouse

Loft is a favorite among teachers and it's not hard to see why. A beautiful floral blouse with a high neck and a subtle ruffle is a beautiful look for a student teacher. Check out their sale page for great tops like this one.

The Essential Bag

The perfect bag is worth its wait in gold. Every teacher has a heavy load to carry. At least you can look stylish and professional when you lug all those papers home to grade! We fell in love with the color of this one that we found on amazon.

Making the Most of your Student Teaching Experience

Student teaching is a rite of passage for educators. It's an exciting but stressful time. After all, you get a chance to spread your wings and try out some of the things you've learned in your classes. Not only is it critical to make a great impression, but it is also critical to take advantage of every learning opportunity so you can grow as a teacher.

In some ways, student teaching is not unlike indentured servitude. After all, you are going to work hard and your reward will not be a paycheck. Many student teachers struggle to make ends meet because they are working a full day that leaves little time for part time employment. The rewards for student teaching will not necessarily be tangential, but they are crucial to your future success. To that end, here are a few things to remember.


First, always be on time. In fact, be early. Nothing makes a worse impression than a new teacher who just couldn't get to work on time. There are very few excuses for being late and even the good ones only work once. Set as many alarms as you need to, but be sure to be ready to greet the students when they get off that bus.

Second, watch everything the veteran teacher does. Hopefully, you get a great role model, but even if you don't love the teaching style of your supervising teacher, look for things to learn. Ask questions but don't make any judgments. After all, we can learn something from everyone we meet. 

Work hard at this job. Offer to do extra work when you see a need, make connections with other teachers, and take every chance you can get to learn.



"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching."


IMG 8441

The Return of the Plaid Pant

Those of us who did their student teaching long ago may remember the plaid pants of yore. I still recall a pair I had when I was ten; When I sat on our plaid couch, I blended in. But today, the plaid pant is back in style and it so on trend. You won't be mistaken for a couch with this adorable pair from Loft.

IMG 8555

Add a little color

This pant has a really unique pink accenting the plaid. To play up that color, we styled it with a soft coral pink sweater from last year. Tuck it in and accent with a belt for a chic and playful look. These pants have a higher waist so they are perfect with a cropped sweater or a tucked in look.

IMG 8729

The Bag in Blush

Let the pants take all the credit by relying on neutral accessories like this beautiful bag in a lovely blush pink. Blush is a beautiful new neutral and will match more than you realize! This one was in my Box of Style last year but you can find a similar look with the links I posted!

IMG 8738

Looking Young But Professional

When you are a student teacher, you want to look professional but that doesn't mean you have to dress like a woman much older than you! These looks are playful, but professional. Student teaching can be stressful! Just stay calm and dress the part with style and taste.

IMG 8732

Where to Find Similar Looks

Check out the links below to buy these or similar items:
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