Fun Sweatshirt

Perfect for lesson planning from home, this fun sweatshirt is in a beautiful teal floral pattern.

Teal and Lace

This cute duster is just the right thing for a sunny March day.

Tie Front Blouse

We love the new tie front look! It's fun and chic and ...forgiving! This one features beautiful detail on the sleeves and neckline.

St Patricks Day at Home

Ok, so all the parades and festivals are cancelled, but you can still get your Irish on in the days of Covid-19. Here is a list of my favorite movies about Ireland at its most compelling.


The Quiet Man: My all time favorite. In this old classic starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, a retired boxer returns to his hometown to save his family’s homestead and sparks fly with a hot-tempered red head. My favorite line still rings in my head. When she locks him out of their bedroom, he breaks down the door in true John Wayne style, throws her on the bed and tells her “There’ll be no locks and bolts between you and me, Mary Kate, except for the ones in your one mercenary heart.” Chills. Trailer


Waking Ned Devine:  An Irish lottery winner drops dead at the news of his winning and comedy ensues as the town tries to hide his death so they can keep the money. Ned Trailer


My Left Foot:  Daniel Day Lewis was born to star in films set in or about Ireland. In this one, the central character has cerebral palsy that affects everything but his left foot. A must see.Left Foot Trailer





Movie Night

Once:  One of the most satisfying love stories I have ever seen. An unlikely couple finds love in Dublin. The music in this film is hauntingly beautiful.Once trailer


PS, I Love You: Hilary Swank stars in this film where she writes letters to her dead husband and eventually finds a new start in Ireland.PS Trailer


Leap Year:  I know, I know. But I still love this romantic comedy in which Amy Adams heads to Ireland to take advantage of the Irish tradition of asking a man to marry you on February 29.Leap Year Trailer


The Commitments:  A rock band tries to bring soul music to Dublin in this very satisfying comedy.Commitments Trailer


Brooklyn:  For the romantic in us all. It’s an adorable film about an Irish immigrant finding love in Brooklyn. From one corona infested country to another. We are in this together.Brooklyn Trailer


These are all light choices, but if you’re in the mood for something a little heavier, try The Departed or Magdalene Laundries.














More Greenery


IMG 0828











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