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Not every teacher is a master of technology

As districts struggle to provide educational equity in this crisis, teachers have been asked to provide enrichment or supplemental online activities to provide academic continuity. This has created something of a controversy as teachers struggle to provide opportunity that enriches rather than frustrates. According to New York State, we should not be giving students new material….this makes sense, but the lines between skill practice and new material can be hazy. For the last week, I have been consumed by experimenting with online resources. Here are some that I have found the most promising:


Google Meet: This is an extremely user friendly way to have a virtual meeting with students. Meetings can be recorded and posted to your Google Classroom Page. You could easily separate interested students into learning groups to discuss a story or discussion topic. Because it works so well with Classroom, this resource could be invaluable as a means of keeping in touch with students.



Opportunities to Learn

Screencastify: This google extension allows you to videotape and save to your drive.


Flipgrid:  Create a community of learners. You can post discussion topics and invite students to join.


Parlay Universe: This is a resource I have used before and my high school students really liked it. You can choose from a bank of discussions or create your own. The program creates a discussion forum with anonymous names. My students loved not knowing the identity of the posters. I saw some very shy and introverted students come out of their shell. This resource is available to educators for free until May 2.


AP Resources: As you probably know, AP tests will take place online and will be shortened to a shorter time frame. The College Board introduced new learning resources, but my students did not find the format friendly, largely because lines of the passage weren’t always numbered and it was hard to go back and forth. I had more success when I printed off the reading passages, but it is a resource for them to continue to study. 


Finally Time to Read

Great Reads

Little Fires Everywhere: Now a miniseries on Hulu, this is a fast paced read that speaks to the elusive goal of perfect motherhood. Fires

The Testaments: If you love The Handmaid's Tale, you will love this sequel. It ties in background with a look to the future. Atwood has done it again. Testaments

Also Great

An Anonymous Girl:  This thriller comes highly recommended by my bestie whoh devoured it in a few days. The protagonist becomes involved in a psychological experiement on ethics and what follows will keep you reading. Anonymous

The Silent Patient: This is another fast paced read about a killer who has gone mute and the therapist who becomes obsessed with learning her story. Silent

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