Best Subscription Boxes to Try

In these times of social distancing, it can brighten your day to get a box of self care or clothing items delivered to your door. Here are some of my favorites!


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Still one of my favorites! this box is an affordable way to discover great skin care products and other fun seasonal items. Members can customize some products and have access to the Add- On Market which offers an impressive array of expensive cosmetics at discounted prices. I am a skin care junkie and this service has introduced me to many of my favorite products!


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As a subscription clothing service, Stitchfix has some pros and cons. On the plus side, it has introduced me to some brands I never would have known about and the fit of the clothes can be amazing! The downside is the price; you won't find bargains here, but you do get 20% off if you purchase all five items in your fix. I still get excited when one is on the way!


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Last month, I tried Wantable and just loved the choices my stylist selected! This service has some great features, including a "Stream" that you can browse to select specific items that you love! You receive seven items and get a 20% discount if you purchase at least five. If you are looking to try a clothing service, I'd recommend this one!

Box of Style

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This is definitely a more high end subscription service; boxes are 100.00 each and come out four times a year. Many times, I've considered canceling, but I have to admit that some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, handbags and clothing have come from this service. Some of my favorite pieces from past seasons are featured in this photo, including the winter robe we featured in our Kimono post last Februrary. Each box usually contains a fashion item, an accessory and a skin care or make up item. I don't love the price of the box, nor do I love their website which I have had problems with, but I do love the selections I get.


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If you love perfume as much as I do, you will love this service. For 14.99/ month, you receive a small, purse sized scent. I love perfume but am very picky about the ones I choose to purchase in full size. I want to love the way it smells on me! This service exposes you to new perfumes and lets you try before you buy! You can request specific scents or leave the decision up to them and discover something new. I keep them in my desk in my classroom to freshen up mid day. And if you find the bottles are building up and you have more perfume than you can wear, they make great small gifts for friends and family! 

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