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The North Country

Living, working, & writing in Upstate NY

"North of Syracuse" is my answer when people ask me where I live. Few have heard of my small town and even fewer have visited. It's not surprising; the North Country is a remote part of the state, but it is not without a stark beauty, specializing in windmills and lake effect snowstorms.

In this under appreciated area of New York State, I teach high school English and write my stories. I've been teaching for over 30 years. Many of my stories are inspired by the frustrations and joys of teaching; others are inspired by life in northern New York. Some of my stories have found a home in respected journals. Some of my stories have made people laugh and some have made people angry. But I'm proud of them all.

The years have not diminished my love of fashion. In my fashion blog, I feature clothes that look good on real women of all ages but, as a teacher, I am particularly drawn to clothes that work in the classroom, clothes that work in a teacher's budget! I love to look at the way my colleagues style their clothes and I hope you find something to love here!