Jennifer Hanno is a short story writer whose work is influenced by her experiences as a high school teacher, as well as her experiences living in northern New York.

She is currently working on combining several of her short stories into a linked story collection.

Additionally, she is in the beginning stages of crafting her first novel.

Case for Psychic Distance

Originally published in Ploughshares in December of 2014, this piece was a finalist in several contests including the fiction contest from the Iowa Review and Screencraft’s Short Story to Film Contest. This story was nominated for a Pushcart by Ploughshares, an award winning journal established in 1971.

What We Talk About When We Talk About the Common Core

A playful spin on Carver’s famous story, this story is a satiric look at the controversy that surrounded the Common Core movement. It was published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency; if you don’t read this online journal, you are missing out.

All of the Above

Published in Eclectica in 2016, this story plays with structure by examining the test culture that often takes on too much significance in the world of education. Eclectica is a fun online journal that publishes some excellent pieces of fiction.

Don’t Forget to Swim

A sardonic look at a sobering educational issue, this story was inspired by the Teacher Evaluation System as it navigated reforms in early 2014. It was picked up by an online journal that is worth looking at: The Satirist.

Tilting at Windmills

This tale was a finalist in both Glimmer Train’s Family Matters Contest and COG’s fiction contest. It did not win, but was published in in 2017 in Cogzine, a quality online journal, well worth checking out. The story was inspired by the political fallout after the 2016 election and remains one of my favorites.

My Thoughts Exactly

A finalist in Glimmer Train’s New Writer contest and the winner of the 2012 Empirical Prize for Fiction, this story was my first publication. I drew on my personal background growing up in the seventies to construct this playful story. It was published in Empirical, a beautiful journal that is now out of print.

The Offer

A finalist in the EM Koepel Fiction contest, this story was later published in Empirical. The Offer was inspired by a man I taught with for over a decade.
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